Below are examples of things taught in the LWJGL tutorials.

Walking around in a 3D world.

Loading a 3D model and displaying it with lighting.

Creating and destroying blocks.

21 thoughts on “Examples

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      1. Anonymous

        Some of them where you copy and paste code. I would rather type it out because redoing things makes them stick in your head better.

  3. ATmega0

    Hey, Oskar! Im making LWJGL library (not sure, how to call it – maybe “ATmega0’s Lightweight Java Game Library Library Based on Processing (ATLWJGLLBOP :D:D:D just kidding! (ATLib?))”, And if ill finsh it (now it is providing smart texture and sound loading and nice 2D Rendering), where i can post it in web? Like Slick or whatever… 😀 (If it will be REALLY cool :/ )

    1. Peter

      I also had a go at creating a LWJGL library. It had 2d rendering, input handling and a simple texture loader. I had a bit of fun with it :) Well, have fun! Ach the name :) Just callous simple rendering engine.

  4. Zach

    Hey, I’ve got an idea for your website, instead of just images for your examples you could put some of your tutorials in applet form?


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